The year of 2008 has been designated as Visit Terengganu Year 2008 by the Terengganu State Government. Visit Terengganu 2008 will be officially launched amidst the celebrations together with the proclamation of Kuala Terengganu as a city. It is a positive step taken by the Terengganu State Government to further enhance the state’s tourism industry following on from the success of the Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign.

The Terengganu State Government recognizes the importance of developing tourism in the state in tandem with other industries. The versatile tourism industry is very much a part of other industries and contributes towards achieving higher foreign exchange earnings, thus reducing the invisible trade deficit.

The tourists spending helps to stimulate the economic growth of other sectors as well such as the small scale cottage industries, transportation, agriculture, food and beverages and accommodation which potentially important and non dependable on other depleting resources industries.

The consensus among many is that Terengganu has much to offer to both local as well as international tourists, but many of the State’s attractions remain unknown and yet to be discovered. Under the East Coast Economic Region project, Terengganu will be emphasized as a tourism gateway as well as an educational hub with the total federal allocation of USD35 billion.

This means an enormous industrial and infrastructural growth, business and jobs opportunity especially for the local and this will as well generate faster economic growth. This will further necessitate the waves of change, both development and mentality towards facing global challenges ahead.

With the Visit Terengganu 2008 campaign and its slogan; Terengganu…where nature embraces heritage, all events and programs will be more product and destination oriented where activities and celebrations will be taken to a new level.

The campaign will be conducted focusing on the 3 main treasures of Terengganu: nature, tradition and heritage, and visitors can expect activities and tour promotions which will showcase all three.

The international class Monsoon Cup has already put Terengganu on the world map if it were not already there, and with this new campaign, the State Government hopes to finally nail Terengganu’s position amongst the other world-class holiday destinations.

Places of interest include Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang (two of the region’s best marine parks), Kenyir Lake and Sekayu Waterfalls (nature getaways), the Terengganu State Museum, the Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque (also known as the famous Floating Mosque), and numerous spots where local traditions and heritage can be experienced.