Alamak! Is this a genetic mishap? It seems like there is something wrong with the photo. Masa kecik-kecik dulu I always thought that Mat Sallehs are bigger in size. Hehehehe. But that does not apply when I had the chance to meet / stand / chat / eat next to my favourite TJ, Ian Wright. Comparing his petit size, I’m like…. gargantuan!

I managed to reach KL Hilton after 2 and a half hours of driving from JB. Actually the week before, I was on holiday in Tioman. That explains my dark and sun-glazed complexion (but look at my clean white smile, so contrast!). Kesian my mum and dad in JB, sanggup anak dia nih spent less time with them gara-gara nak jumpa Ian Wright. hahaha…

Ian was in KL to promote his new travel series with Discovery Travel & Living, VIP Weekends with Ian Wright. All of us were mesmerised when Ian started sharing interesting stories about his experience touring world’s most interesting places. And just like what we see on his shows, he can really crack endless jokes which have left most of us laughing in tears.

Well, what can I say, Ian is really a funny and friendly person. No doubt the whole world is happily welcoming his arrival!

Anyway, It was a great lunch at KL Hilton.