Gallery: ‘Graduation’ @ Cardiff

As seen in the photos below: With Rasha Sadek from Egypt, Barbara Debusschere (Belgium), Salwa Abdul-Tawab (Egypt), Neva Nahtigal (Slovenia), Olga Kelly (British Council Wales), Hasan Erel (Turkey), Hazel (Scotland), Biljana Zafirova (Macedonia), Helena Drakakis (England), Mustofa El-Menshawy (Egypt), Dena Rashad (Egypt), Dominica (Poland).


Rasha was my ‘partner in crime’ during our stay in Wales.


Me, Barbara and Salwa


With Neva ‘Naughty Girl’ Nahtigal


Olga Kelly from British Council Wales


Hasan Erel from Turkey


Hazel and Biljana


Helena. Now who has whiter smile?


Mustofa El-Menshawy (He’s now working for BBC)


Dena Rashad from Egypt


Funeral? No. Just chilling out in the dark.


“My name is Dominica, and I’m from Poland!”


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